Tuesday, June 29, 2010


 So on Sunday, Emma's dream of going Cave Golfing was finally realised. And so White Boy, Rhythm Sticks, Ranga Poster Child, Prinze Freddie, Lady in Red and Bitch all trekked off to the Waterfront, got stuck in traffic, collected stones for Kim, and spent about a year golfing.
Bitch gets stuck trying to find the ball. You don't usually see this kind of dedication in Putt Putt.
Rhythm Sticks' Putt Putt technique. You should see the Wii Bowling one.
White Boy examines the pitch.
While for Lady in Red things go from bad...
to worse.
Bitch keeps the excitement levels up.
White Boy looks on proudly as Prinze Freddie plays his turn.
We all wait in anticipation for the results! Who will win?? Who will lose??? Does anyone still care???
Prinze Freddie comes out on top!

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jess said...

hahaha. what a great day we had.

rhythm sticks

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