Tuesday, June 29, 2010


 So on Sunday, Emma's dream of going Cave Golfing was finally realised. And so White Boy, Rhythm Sticks, Ranga Poster Child, Prinze Freddie, Lady in Red and Bitch all trekked off to the Waterfront, got stuck in traffic, collected stones for Kim, and spent about a year golfing.
Bitch gets stuck trying to find the ball. You don't usually see this kind of dedication in Putt Putt.
Rhythm Sticks' Putt Putt technique. You should see the Wii Bowling one.
White Boy examines the pitch.
While for Lady in Red things go from bad...
to worse.
Bitch keeps the excitement levels up.
White Boy looks on proudly as Prinze Freddie plays his turn.
We all wait in anticipation for the results! Who will win?? Who will lose??? Does anyone still care???
Prinze Freddie comes out on top!

Getting my gees on

So I finally had some World Cup vibeage and headed off to see Netherlands vs Cameroon at Greenpoint Stadium. Since the majority of my life is spent in Greenpoint, it was pretty cool seeing it filled with so many people having such a party. Many a photo was taken for your viewing pleasure. Good times

David, Sean and the Geoff
The teams walking on
Cutest kid I've ever seen
So true, so true.

And with that, it was time for the 'silliest looking people' award. Not including the silly people who were walking too fast for me to take a photo.
Lumo orange facepaint fail.

Phallic much?
Who is that guy?? Oh it's my dad.
Extra points for the tail.
Playa of note.
Match made in heaven.
Nothing says Netherlands like a clown suit. Er?
Where would you even get a chicken hat??
And my personal favourite...
Guy in rainbow hat is judged by man with shopping bag on his head. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Funfun! xx

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like them, I do.

I have a serious crush on anything involving foxes at the moment. Maybe its because The Fantastic Mr Fox is the best movie ever made (yes), because it was my first real book, because of Farthing Wood, because they were my grandma's favourite, because they're redheads too (us redheads love company), or because the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. They're my totem animal. Whatever that means.

Things I would like in my life please

Hey stalker, feel like buying me things in return for kinky photos of my feet? Here's where to start...

(Because I am)
(Because typography is my religion)
(Because I'm a kitsch bitch) 
(Because I'm a closet writer)
(Because I need one just like it with a fox)  
(Because its the best high you can get)
(Because then I'm sorted for every party ever) 
(Because I'm a pirate)
 (Because cross-stitch is the shiz)
 (Because it is)
(Because rainbow tastes better)
(Because I want it all)
(Because its a freaking cakewich!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So a while back I wrote a post about 2 stories I was choosing between for my ISTD brief. I chose the 100 one about the boy with autism. Here are the 6 spreads I did last term, the rest are going to be done this holiday :) x


Thought I should share some of the raddest blogs that I read religiously. Ok go!

1. Lucky Pony
I think Angie and I are actually twins that were separated at birth. Never mind that she is older than 20 and has dark hair and doesn't blush all the time like me. She collects all the things I collect and loves everything old and kitsch and awesome. AND she's married to Shane of Desmond and the Tutus (one of my favourite bands) AND she has an awesome shop where she sells everything I want to buy AND she bakes all the time AND basically I want to be her. K enough stalking, go look!

2. Ming Makes Cupcakes
Pretty self-explanatory title really. I love cupcakes and these take the cake. Ah, I'm so witty.

3. Beatnik Bazaar
Beatnik Bazaar is a shop you can find in Kalk Bay (one of my favourite places in the world). This blog chronicles the owner's life, all her awesome finds, the shop and lots of lovely artists and crafty people :)

4. Bittersweet
Rick bakes awesome things. He makes me want to inject condensed milk and be one of those really obese woman who needs a crane to lift her off the couch when she has the inevitable heart attack. Yum!

5. Jim's Pancakes
This dad makes his daughter a new and wonderful pancake every day! What a playa! Father of the Year Award goes to him every year. Sorry dad.
This is the blog of the supremely talented Lauren Fowler. If you haven't seen her work look her up right now! She's one of those creative all-rounders...she draws, paints, embroiders, sews, knits, sings, designs, makes jewellery...who knows what else! She also lives in Kalk Bay. When I grow up I want to be her.

I really, really like wedding blogs. Creepy I know. But this one is my favourite! So quirky and arty and awesome. So no judgies.

Good advice.

K seriously. If you don't already read this blog you're a noob of note.

I'm tired now so I will post more another day :) xx