Saturday, June 12, 2010


I like Vega. And I like studying and designing and being around some of my favouritest people all day long. But we still get supersuper run-around-like-monkeys-on-crack stoked when its HOLIDAYS! Hurray! (Cool word.)
So us Vega people finally finished exams last week Tuesday (ages after UCT as always) and did what all good Vega people do, walk to Beluga and eat awesome half-price sushi! Nomnom. Note how tired we all look, Brand Strategy is very tiring for us creative types.

Before exams, some things are inevitable...

Justin will try to study but Star and I are too distracting

Justin will always have toothpaste on his shirt. It's comforting to know that some things never change.

Star and I will give up on studying and go around annoying people by taking photos 

Claire will be studying hard and should not be disturbed!

Lisa will try study, but falls prey to my photo-taking charms

After exams, we are a happier bunch. A million pieces of veggie sushi and pomegranate cosmos do a happy Meesh make.

Rachel, Lisa and Clairey eating samurai rolls

Star and I love thumbs-up photos. Looks like Justin does too.

Just and Starry full of sushi

Again, yay!

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