Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I would like in my life please

Hey stalker, feel like buying me things in return for kinky photos of my feet? Here's where to start...

(Because I am)
(Because typography is my religion)
(Because I'm a kitsch bitch) 
(Because I'm a closet writer)
(Because I need one just like it with a fox)  
(Because its the best high you can get)
(Because then I'm sorted for every party ever) 
(Because I'm a pirate)
 (Because cross-stitch is the shiz)
 (Because it is)
(Because rainbow tastes better)
(Because I want it all)
(Because its a freaking cakewich!)


findingmyunicorn said...

OMG, that cakewich is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen! LoL! I love all those things.. those necklaces are too cute.. I would wear all of those... this is a very cute post :). X

...A silly girl worth knowing. said...

ohhhh i love the last cakewich ,The best!!!
Slash i love all the photos . i have some of them on tumblr . you should get it . Now!!!!
and that fox sweater is so sweet.

More posts lady.
hope your enjoying your holiday xxx

michness said...

Thanks guys :) MUST GET CAKEWICH PAN! then we can have cakewich at vega everyday :D Nice to see you on blogger miss kotova ;) are you done with blogging? love your tumblr! xxx

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