Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ayoba! Whatever that means.

Sooo yesterday was the Fifa Soccer World Cup. And I wish I could say I donned a Bafana shirt and blew my vuvuzela...but I did not. First of all, rangas should never wear yellow. Secondly, I am just not that girl. My apologies. There were awesome plans to party in Long Street but alas, there were spotty brothers and sad friends to stay in with instead. But I didn't mind, because they are two of my favouritest people in the world.

It's the soccer-mad parentals! Oh no! Oh yes.

David usually looks like this...

But now he looks like this :( Sies.

Jess and I are sad too. But she shows it in an emo-fringe sort of way.
Oh well, what better way to spend the World Cup than playing Moshi Monsters with 2 of the sickest people in Cape Town and spending the night sneezing on each other? Rhetorical question.
Love you guys x

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findingmyunicorn said...

Your parents look awesome! :D

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