Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Introspective nonsense

Things change, people change, nothing is the same.

The other day I found myself telling Justin that I don't change, I've never changed. That's not entirely true. 
I'm kinder to myself now, I don't believe I have to keep going all the time, I don't believe in organised religion, I believe in gay rights, I know what I look like is only a small fraction of who I am, I know I can be on my own, I enjoy silence and revel in solitude, I can say no.
But I don't really change change. The tattoos I wanted 5 years ago I still want, I listen to the same bands (plus some awesome new ones obviously, but still), I have the same friends, I go to the same places, I shop at the same places, I eat the same processed shit, I like the same things.

And I crave change, but I crave the comfort too. 
And I wish I could stay completely the same, so that you'd all love me for being easy and complacent and stuck. But I am changing. I'm changing and I'm scared of being left behind, and even more scared of leaving you behind. 

Let's face it, people change and forget to tell each other. This is just a warning.


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FindingMyUnicorn said...

Change is a good thing! I embrace change haha.
You write so well Mich xxx

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