Monday, April 5, 2010


My room is...purple, black, messy, has paint on the carpet and curtains, dust on the fan, has enough stuff in it to fill 3 rooms, is filled with kitsch things, calms me, inspires me, houses my collections, holds my treasures, feeds my obsessions.

Old photos, new photos, old posters, pictures I drew when I was little, my Jack pillow

New desk, beloved books, stationery, design magazines, pin board to be filled.

Wall of Emma's photos :) Afro posters, Sweeney.

My duck collection.

My goldfish (Cam has the other one), zodiac Hello Kittys from Singapore, Paperweight that used to belong to my grandad, R10 Mary clock from a chinese shop.

My favourite object. The one on the right is the proper Singapore snowglobes they sell to tourists. But I found the left one in a random little tourist trap, somehow an Eiffel Tower was put it by mistake :) Angry Pikachu and my Drink Me glass bottle.

I love bubbles. Collected from my teacher's wedding, Olive's birthday, Beth's 18th, Secret Santa.

'I will not make any more boring art' bag from the Tate
Cornelius the garden gnome.
Hummingbird light from Claire.


Soldiers fighting over limbless ballerinas.


DayslikeToday said...

ah!! i love love love everything... i can spend hours in your room, funfun. love u

jess said...

such good times and rants there :)

FindingMyUnicorn said...

WHAT a sweet ROOM! i especially heart your hello kitty and duck collection!!! heheheheh. i dig dig your room. xx

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