Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lucky numbers.

No rest for the wicked, so Star's shirt says.
Well I've spent my whole life avoiding wickedness, but still no rest it seems.
I'm tired. My standard response to everything these days. It doesn't seem to change.

2 days until the April "holiday"
4 briefs I should be doing right now.
1 band I feel like listening to.
1 week 1 day until my dad comes home.
1 week 4 days until my mom comes home.
1 hour until my grandparents get home.
10 fingernails I can't stop biting.
12 episodes of Fringe I want to watch.
100 books I want to read.
1000 places I want to go.
48 hours of sleep needed.
2 people I am worried about.
8 months until its finished.
7 months until I'm 21.
90 000 hairs on my head that need washing.
1 caramel-vanilla cake that needs baking.
3 words I can't say.
100 friends I've neglected.
1 I should.
1 blister that is hurting me.
5 kitsch frames I bought today.
1 birthday present too.
1 3D movie to see tomorrow.
1 plan to work out for next year.
1 post-grad to find.
1 hand that determines my entire career.
1 plan I was left out of
1 wave of nostalgia killing me.
1 place I should be.


DayslikeToday said...

beautiful post x i like and although ur stressing, we will make it out stronger :)

michness said...

thanks my lisaloo. you are a godsend, seriously. x

...A silly girl worth knowing. said...

ah such a lovely post. x

caroline said...

Brilliant post - I love the way you write and the energy within your words.
Ps: Hope you don't mind me saying, but I feel you need to place the 'sleep needed'as a priority and afterwards get out and do something that is just plain fun - it will rejuvenate you.xx

michness said...

Thanks so much for the compliments :) Yes I think you're right, time to take some me time. xxxxx

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