Friday, March 19, 2010

It's me again.

Its been wayy too long til I've had time to blog. This week was a mare of note. 

Lack of sleep + hangovers from 21sts + Friday deadline + too much junk food = a very worn out Mich.

Lunch breaks have definitely been the highlights of the past few weeks at college, Justin's introduced me to some great places...

1. Charly's Bakery
Ah, words cannot describe. It reminds me of the Magic Faraway Tree (my favourite book when I was little) when they went to the Land of Treats. They have chandeliers with 2 of my favourite things hanging from them; those kitsch bride and groom cake toppers and antique teacups! I had bacon and mushroom quiche, and then went halvies on chocolate cheesecake and a peppermint crisp muffin. Mmmm. Go there, now.

2. Bread, Milk and Honey
They have red and white striped walls, so obviously I loved it. Drinking tea makes me too hot, but if you're a fan they have a huuuge variety of interesting flavours. I had a smoked chicken mayonnaise, peppadew and mozzarella ciabatta. Yumzor.

3. Voila
In the centre of Cape Quarter, this one has absolutely stunning decor. The hanging teacup lights were my favourite, and the pink and green colour scheme is pretty damn awesome. I will be going back for the egg mayo, bacon and watercress sandwich since dear Justin refused to sit with me if I ordered it. But the Chicken Caesar on buttermilk rye was a good substitute.

The subsequent visits to Spar for junk food and McDonalds for dinner were slightly less sublime, as we felt the consequences later...

Thoughts that go through my head night before deadline...
1. Why, oh God, why am I not asleep right now.
2. (To the people singing karaoke across the road) I hope you die a horrible death.
3. Mmm McDonalds...
4. (An hour later) Urgh McDonalds you bastard.
5. I am good enough. I will never be a designer ever. No I'm a good designer. No, shit I'm really not. 
6. Fuck this, I'm going to slap some Comic Sans on it and go to bed.

(I don't actually do that last one...thats the design equivalent of being caught with a transsexual hooker behind the 7-11. The Plumstead branch.)

Anyhoo, I ended up with 3 book covers that need more work, but are finished for hand-in purposes.I have also acquired about 32 kg, 6 new zits and a newfound addiction to Oatso Easy. So alls well that ends well really.


FindingMyUnicorn said...

Hey mish... this is a great post (love your descriptions on those restaurants! :))... pity you not feeling too great.. but atleast the holidays are soon! i also love charly's bakery.. it's amazing, those cakes are so beautifully decorated (do you know that they do hello kitty cakes as well?)

michness said...

hey! yay thank you :) OH MY WORD i must have hello kitty cake!!! thats amazing! we should all go there sometime, its amazing :) xxxx

DayslikeToday said...

you are hilarious, i love you! happy happy that brief is over :)

Rick said...

Charley's bakery looks like fun! I wanna go there!

michness said...

I think Charly's was created with you in mind ;) come to Cape Town! x

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