Monday, March 8, 2010

Writer's block

I don't know what to write about these days. Everything I write sounds emo. How are you meant to say, in a non-self indulgent way that I know its coming, I know I'm going to have to come up with some wonderful reaction that's going to define everything, I'm tired of my inner monologue, I just want to design some bloody book covers and there is a storm inside my head despite the heatwave.

In other news, it was so hot today my cat almost passed out. Poor Roger :(

In other other news, I would sell my kidney for walls like this. Off Ruche's blog.

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calliejoy said...

you know what michelle,
if writing about it helps you let it out, then write about it.
people don't read blogs to LOL at other people, they read them to be entertained, and whether or not it's a sad truth to admit, people enjoy reading about other people's problems. ;)
i'm joking. really.

you're great, inside and out.
and even if your words were self indulgent and pathetic, (which they aren't) i'd read them anyway.

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