Monday, March 1, 2010

I don't feel like working.

I feel like...

Sleeping. And waking up without an alarm. And eating strawberries. And reading. Either really amazing literary classics that I won't understand or Anthony Horowitz books I used to read in junior school. And listen to Kimya Dawson. And White Stripes. And Say Anything. And get tattoos. And not think so much. And watch Series Channel. And not care so much. But care a little bit more. And be loved by you. And just chill with my cat all day. And illustrate just because. And do anything just because really. And swim and not care about my hair. And not need make-up so much. And not cry in every Grey's Anatomy episode. And not need so many pills. And blog more. And be a crafty-type person who randomly crochets shiz. And look cool not random. And be energetic and happy all the time. And like romantic comedies. And be thin. And not hang on every word you say. And not write self-indulgent emo blog posts. Shit too late.

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...A silly girl worth knowing. said...

oh I want lots of things to especially sleep and actually having time to write my blog and not just read others and wish i wrote more.
Have a lovely day.

ps. love the photo " people change and forget to tell..." so true

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