Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh the horror

Well today is the dreaded Valentine's Day. It's pretty impossible to ignore...some spend it feeding heart-shaped chocolates and haikus to each other, others pretend to be happily independent whilst sobbing into their pillows, and some spit on couples and curse them for getting some.

I would usually be heading the Anti-love brigade...making everyone watch Sweeney Todd or something. But this year I think I'm a little more comfortable, a little less bothered and a little more aware of traps that are easy to fall into. No one likes a Cinderella complex. 
Anyhoo, I still ended up with roses, lindt chocolate and pink vitamin water. Thanks mumsy!

So if you're having a bit of a nobody-will-ever-love-me-and-I'm-going-to-be-found-dead-eaten-by-alsations sort of day...then read the Cosmo, be glad you're not going to sprain something attempting those sort of maneuvers, and make something delicious off Bittersweet. Day saved. 

Oh, and love's just around the corner.


DayslikeToday said...

well i love you!! xxx thanks for my lovely valentine cookie sweetling

FindingMyUnicorn said...

Ah, you sound like you have the cutest Mom! Thank you for the fortune cookie, was so sweet of you. X

michness said...

Pleasure guys! xxx

purpleronnie said...

I love your blog!! I am a fan!

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