Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I know, I know.

Today was not the best day of my life. It was long-winded, filled with marketing buzzwords, and people who need to seek therapy.

However...let's try this positivity thing on and see how it fits.

Good things that happened today...

1. Concept review did not leave Star and I questioning our future in the industry.
2. I actually got to see Lisa and indulge our competition fetish :)
3. Liz gave me a Hello Kitty ring! Yay!
4. We got easter eggs in Critical Studies
5. Star and I, facing near-starvation, made an amazing supper of chicken burgers with avo, oven chips and the most amazing Woolies 'vanilla creme with berry coulis'-type dessert. Divine!
6. I had a bath run for me by my dear wife (see above), complete with bubbles and candles!
7. People commented on my blog and even blogged about it! It makes me happy that people actually read this :)
8. I am about to watch FlashForward on pvr. 
9. I smell like honey and yoghurt bubble bath
10. I don't have to wake up early tomorrow!

So all in all, the day was saved. As my dear Marc Johns says...


DayslikeToday said...

yay!! lisa and mich time was much needed!! thank yoooo

Wendy said...

sounds like a good list. Been reading you for a couple of weeks and loving your blog.
keep it coming

michness said...

Thanks so much! xx

FindingMyUnicorn said...

Hey, I love that you're being all optimistic! I love bubble baths :) x

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