Sunday, February 21, 2010

If I have to be honest

What I would like to have done this weekend...
1. Go to Elands with the girls
2. Go to Paul's 21st
3. Do some work on my working laptop
4. Print this work on a working printer
5. Go to Purple Turtle and be cool

What I did instead...
1. Lay in bed coughing up my lungs
2. Attempted to work and realised my laptop has a corrupt hard drive (i.e dead)
3. Tried to print work done on dad's laptop. Fail of note.
4. Ingest enough Flusin to knock out a baby Triceratops
5. Spend the entire weekend oversleeping and then wake up at 4 on Monday morning.

Not ideal.

I can't find an appropriate picture. Imagine me looking grumpy. Nice work.

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