Monday, February 8, 2010

I like to rant.

Things I don't like...

1. Cyclists. Yes you're saving the planet, but your sperm swims in circles. Unlucky.
2. People who park badly. Come now.
3. Tomatoes. Devil fruit.
4. Being late.
5. Yappy dogs.
6. That Ster Kinekor 'Happy place' ad. There are no words.
7. People 'popping in' unexpectedly. I need warning, I only put pants on if there's an occasion.
8. Ugly underwear.
9. Harem pants.
10. Twilight.
11. Diamantes.
12. Small talk. I am socially awkward.
13. Loud people. (That is a generalisation)
14. Tripping over labradors.
15. Being hot! And sweating! Gar!
16. The beach. Sandy.
17. Romantic comedies.
18. People who talk and talk and talk and never say anything.
19. Mika. I can be green I can be blue...shut up.
20. Zits that interfere with one's peripheral vision.
21. Any sporting activity. I don't get it. At all.
22. Printers. They work perfectly until you need them, then they feel the need to spew out pages of cryptic symbols. Which no doubt translate to 'Heil Satan'.
23. Cal's daughter in 'Lie to Me'. One facial expression.
24. Not having eyebrows. Far from ideal.
25. Team building.
26. Missing Lie to Me! Everyone watch it!
27. When people mix up the Red Queen and Queen of Hearts. I'm a purist.
28. Apple's 'I'm a Mac I'm a PC' campaign. You make rad computers, slagging off the competition makes you look stupid.
29. My teeth.
30. Not sleeping.
31. Valentine's Day! Epic fail of a day!

Please note, this is not a complete list.


DayslikeToday said...

ok ok i am now following x promise!

purpleronnie said...

You are hilarious!!!

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