Friday, January 6, 2012

Bright and shiny and new

I do love January...the promise of a new, perfect year.
I ordered my Frankie diary from Angie last year and now can finally use it!

I've been taking a lot of time lately to work out what I like doing, what will make me a happier person who does more and naps less. With that in mind here are my resolutions for 2012...

In a year I will be able to:
- Run 20 minutes on the treadmill and not want to shoot myself
- Pick an entire salad out of my veggie garden (I'm talking Serious Salad here, none of that iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato crap...more on this later)
- Say 2012 was a really great year

I want to:
- Think less and create more (I overthink everythink and do nothing)
- Get my website up and running
- Be more attentive to my blog...poor malnourished thing
- Get my Honours degree
- Be a better friend (They generally deserve it)

Good luck to all of us :) I have a good feeling about this.

Here are some more pics of the amazing Frankie Diary, courtesy of Miss Lucky Pony again...


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Leila said...

I also want a Frankie diary! So super cool:-) Now about that 20min on the so boring

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