Monday, August 9, 2010


Yesterday I crawled back into bed and lay there with my knees to my chest.
The curtains were parted just enough that the light was making an imprint on the inside of my eyelids.
I think too much, always have. And so I lay there and thought some more.

I thought of moths and how I have always loved them. Always rooting for the underdog.
I thought of all the work I have to do and how paralysed I feel.
I thought of the line between wearing your heart on your sleeve and keeping things inside.
I thought of the end of the year.
I thought of the end of Vega.
I thought of spindles and sleep.
I thought of how a fox could love a bird, but she would always drag him down to her level.
I thought of puzzle pieces left in the ground.
I thought of  you.
I thought of skin.
I thought of living up to expectations.

I listened to the rain.
I felt warm inside my ugly jersey.
I said nothing.
I slept.



jess said...

love that ugly jersey! ;)

thinking too much is better than not thinking at all love! hope vega goes well this week. xxx

emma said...

know the feeling michimoo.
love you xxx

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