Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can a fox ever be happy without a chicken in its teeth?

I watched Fantastic Mr Fox this week. It was the first proper book I ever learnt to read, so I was expecting to be let down by the movie. But its beautiful and heart-warming and quirky and beautiful. Go watch.

"They say all foxes are slightly allergic to linoleum, but it's cool to the paw - try it. 
They say my tail needs to be dry cleaned twice a month, but now it's fully detachable - see? 
They say our tree may never grow back, but one day, something will. 
Yes, these crackles are made of synthetic goose and these giblets come from artificial squab and even these apples look fake - but at least they've got stars on them.
 I guess my point is, we'll eat tonight, and we'll eat together. And even in this not particularly flattering light, you are without a doubt the five and a half most wonderful wild animals I've ever met in my life. 
So let's raise our boxes - to our survival."

"Ash, I know what it's like to feel...different."
"I'm not different, am I?"
"We all are...
But there's something kind of fantastic
about that, isn't there?"



pandi said...

Mey Mich, thanks for the kind comment. Loving your header. Went to go see Prince of Persia last night. Was pretty cool. Totally worth watching :D

dulci said...

great movie!!

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