Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 21st my darlings

So this weekend 2 of my favouritest people ever had their 21sts.
On Saturday we all went to Bergvliet Sport's Club for Emma's Prom 21st. The hall looked amazing, all pink and black with tons of balloons, disco balls and glitter. Our speech went pretty well I thought, running through all of Emma's men took a while tho :P Then we had supper, lamb burgers with aubergine for the others, and lentil curry in a roti for me...yumyum! We danced for a while and then off to Tantra (lol at us) for some drunkenness. Great night all in all. Happy birthday Emzor!

All of us girls (super geigh but cute)
Finally got to see Ryan :) :)                           
My spamwise and I
My punkrock prom queen Jessi :)     
The birthday girl in her prom dress
Then on Sunday we went to Cape Town Fish Market for Kez's 21st! The food was amazing, I had veggie sushi and veggie noodles, nomnom. Then we went back to Kez's house for an amazing tea and speeches. A brilliant ending to the weekend. Happy birthday my Kezzles :) 



DayslikeToday said...

u look delicious!!! and emmas dress is soooper nice! wow

michness said...

Aww thanks love :) Ya a friend of mine made it! xxxxxxx

jess said...

haha punk rock princess?
you know it ;) love you girlie

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