Saturday, January 2, 2010

Self-indulgence at its best

I liked Olga's post so I'm copying it :)


  1. Natural redhead who wishes it was more red than orange.
  2. Doesn’t believe in star signs, but is a classic Scorpio.
  3. Hates the radio.
  4. Loves night time, doesn’t like mornings.
  5. Hates diamonds.
  6. Loves jewellery featuring objects. Hence my scissors, clothes peg, bird cage, clock, anchor, ship and key pendants.
  7. Bites her nails, stops, then bites some more.
  8. Hates being so serious, but has no off switch.
  9. Likes origami.
  10. Only likes the beach when the suns gone down.
  11. Likes potentially pretentious things like art exhibitions and independent movies.
  12. Wishes she had perfect teeth.
  13. Likes being on her own, but shouldn’t do it for too long.
  14. Dreams almost every night.
  15. Doesn’t have nightmares so often anymore.
  16. Loves her grandad more than anyone else in the world.
  17. Can’t help correcting spelling mistakes.
  18. Loves junk shops.
  19. Loves the kitsch. Has always wanted porcelain ducks for her wall.
  20. Used to paint all the time and doesn’t anymore.
  21. Loves design more than almost anything.
  22. Has a thing for fine liners.
  23. Has a phobia of sharks.
  24. Hates tomatoes, they are Satan’s minions.
  25. Will love anyone who buys her a lucky packet.
  26. Hates small talk.
  27. Loves talking about her cats.
  28. Never liked dolphins when she was little.
  29. Believes in karma, and thinks she’s a bitch.
  30. Favourite club is Fiction.
  31. Worst club is Wadda. Fok.
  32. Would believe in God whether she wanted to or not.
  33. Favourite colours are red, purple and black.
  34. Loves Photoshop, not such a fan of Illustrator.
  35. Would only ever drink Cosmopolitans if she could.
  36. Hates it when people cheat.
  37. Has a weird phobia thing that is very hard to explain, but is sort of like rice when it’s all together? No one?
  38. Could probably quote all 8 seasons of Scrubs.
  39. Loves vampires, but hates it when they sparkle.
  40. Wears too much eyeliner.
  41. Has a weird photographic memory for some things.
  42. Has watched Fight Club at least 20 times.
  43. Has never been as excited for a movie as she is for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.
  44. Loves grungy girls like Courtney Love and Marla Singer.
  45. Wants to get married in Vegas.
  46. Was probably always a perfectionist, but design made it visible.
  47. Hates it when people tell jokes about disabled people.
  48. Thinks Flight of the Conchords is the funniest series ever made.
  49. Loves funny guys, would marry Jack Black in a second.
  50. Life’s mission is to go to Disneyworld.
  51. Loves Kinder Eggs. They are the shiz.
  52. Likes guitar hero.
  53. Doesn’t like change.
  54. Loves birthdays.
  55. Can’t handle being the centre of attention.
  56. Loves little one-liners that catch you off-guard.
  57. Doesn’t make decisions easily.
  58. Far too competitive.
  59. Loves music, loves lyrics more.
  60. Likes cheese more than chocolate.
  61. Not superstitious.
  62. Gets really sad when she sees roadkill.
  63. Almost did fine art at UCT.
  64. Doesn’t like advertising.
  65. Likes moths more than butterflies.
  66. Loves Doc Martens.
  67. Will more likely dislike someone than like them, it’s a huge flaw.
  68. Loves ice-cream.
  69. Wants a Stepford Wife kitchen. All pastels and floral.
  70. Prefers baths to showers.
  71. Doesn’t trust permanently happy people.
  72. Hates those colour-coordinated sets of packaged art from décor stores.
  73. Is not into minimalism. Likes clutter.
  74. Loves make-up, especially MAC.
  75. Tears things up when nervous.
  76. Will always make paper roses with straw wrappers.
  77. Thinks organised religion is dangerous.
  78. Likes to bake for people.
  79. Does not enjoy driving.
  80. Constantly hot, hardly ever wear long sleeves.
  81. Could drink her weight in absinthe and would still remember everything.
  82. Likes hugs.
  83. Has Catholic guilt despite never being Catholic.
  84. Wants to visit Russia.
  85. Is self-deprecating.
  86. Gets sad easily.
  87. Is a Pure Poison wearer for life.
  88. Likes kitsch religious iconography.
  89. Thinks that people like the Queen and Martha Stewart are into BDSM.
  90. Loves fonts more than most.
  91. Collects things.
  92. Cries easily.
  93. Has funny toes.
  94. Is not a fun drunk, but wishes she was.
  95. Has lucid dreams sometimes.
  96. Is good at adding numbers together quickly in her head.
  97. Shocking dancer, shouldn’t do it in public.
  98. Would like to design book covers please.
  99. Loves the Style Network.
  100. Could sleep all day.
  101. Likes Dr Pepper.
  102. Doesn’t know enough about current affairs.
  103. Believes that if Kitsune Noir thinks its cool, we should too.
  104. Wishes she had the legs for liquid leggings.
  105. Needs a new hula girl for her car.
  106. Can’t resist a guy in a cardigan.
  107. Hates Chinese character tattoos on non-Chinese people.
  108. Loves paper.
  109. Is the jealous type.
  110. Has many defense mechanisms.


...A silly girl worth knowing. said...

I love it!
you are a very interesting person.

ps. come to Russia with me!

michness said...

thanks blog queen :) oh my word that would be my dream, i am so obsessed with going there! better get my 'learn russian' cds out ;) xx

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