Friday, February 3, 2012

Bow Peep

So a while ago, my friend Leila of Bow Peep asked me to help her with her brand 'face lift'.
We are so similar (with pretty much identical Pinterest boards), so the process was a really fun and creative one :) No client from hell here!

The Bow Peep brand was already strong, but just needed a little cleaning up. Since Leila's products are usually patterned, I wanted to give them a nice clean background to stand out against. Hence the use of lined paper and faded maps against modern typography.
Here's how it turned out...

Old logo

New logo (2 formats)

New tags and labels

New business card

I also redid her blog and online store if you want to have a look.
We're working on a new project now which I'm really excited about! Will share the details when it's far enough along :)


Audrey and I said...

Michelle! Did you do this, that's so awesome, Leila and I are in Sweet and Soutie together!!!! Wow! so cool! well done!

Audrey and I said...

You should also be in Sweet and Soutie, mail them!

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