Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miss Kotova you inspire me ;)

I know a lovely Russian lady named Olga, who has a blog that everybody should read.
She writes posts about 'being a girl who currently...'(insert fascinating facts here), so I'm inspired to do the same. I'm not as fab as her tho, so go read her blog. Now.

So I am a girl who currently...

- Doesn't know what to do with her life. That's new for me.
- Really needs to dye her hair
- Watches so much Orangutan Diary it's embarrassing
- Can't wait to have her empire with Lisa
- Counting down the days to you my loves...4 weeks!
- Roots for every underdog
- Pervs on waiters. But only very specific ones.
- Is just a little Martha Stewartish, ever so rarely
- Wants to run away
- Doesn't know what to say most of the time
- Loves her friends always, but especially now
- Likes cuddles, but forgets to draw the line (Olga is better at this)
- Thinks that you are the best part of 8pm
- Makes good cake (red velvet especially)
- Eric over Bill, every time.
- Has the cosmic horn 
- Misses her Japanese girl
- Knows she's not home quite yet
- Is trying to learn that being kind is more important than being right. Or is it?
- Is nice. I promise. And you're, well, not.
- Needs something NEW. No more dusty antiques (this is figurative, I need my ceramic swans)
- Will be just fine. I think.

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Anonymous said...

amazing - cannot wait to see you!! xxx love the piccie!

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