Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fail. Win.

So it's that wonderful time of year again...and time for some self-improvement.
I blogged my resolutions last year, thought I'd see how well I did...

1. Be healthier. Lose weight. Boooring but there you are. Er, epicness of failness.
2. Not waste time on silly boys, make more time for non-silly ones. Ahem. Well.
3. Paint more, sleep less. Only illustration stuff, thought about sleep all year.
4. Design like I give a damn. Coz I do. Always.
5. Listen to all the music on my itunes. (I get stuck in my playlist rut) Let's just say the Glee soundtrack may have set me back a bit...
6. Do the things that make me happy. Almost.
7. Be unafraid. I fear less all the time.
8. Work out what I'm doing with my life in 2011. Hmm. 
9. Write my dreams down. Nope.
10. Be happy. Because sometimes misery can be less effort. No comment.

So all in all, absolute failure. But I've got other things I'm proud of...
1. I've now been a vegetarian for just over 8 months. It can be an absolute pain, but I'm so happy to finally be acting on an issue that is so close to me.
2. I'm trying to kick people out. You don't deserve anything from me anymore.
3. I finished my degree...I finally have my BA in Communications Management :) Fancy words for making pretty pictures.

My adventure's just beginning. Happy New Years xx

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Anonymous said...

yay for qualification in pretty pictures my friend xxx

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