Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I do not care for.

Fuck today. And feeling kuk. And not having time to wash my hair. Fuck being cut off in traffic. Fuck being broke. Fuck trying to be the best. Fuck never being able to say fuck. Fuck feeling lonely. Fuck watching PVR on a Friday night and wondering why you aren't out having fun. Fuck planning. Fuck people who wear fur. Fuck the fashion magazines that tell you to wear a skinned dead animal whilst simultaneously making you feel like shit. Fuck being ugly. Fuck having to be around beautiful people all day. Fuck loving no one. Fuck loving everyone. Fuck wondering if God exists. Fuck trying to find parking. Fuck always worrying about money. Fuck never spending any time on the supposedly important things. Fuck you. Fuck never ever being good enough for anything. Fuck high-fashion photoshoots. Fuck we-are-awesome. Fuck not being awesome. Fuck never loving anything that someone hasn't loved before. Fuck the nightmares. Fuck the dreams. Fuck being hideous. Fuck faded hair. Fuck giving it my all. Fuck the fact that in our world it is more socially acceptable to eat dead things than not to. Fuck looking the same as everyone else, just not as good. Fuck being socially awkward. Fuck feeling guilty. Fuck losing my religion. Fuck trying to prove myself. Fuck wanting to sleep all the time. Fuck waking up at 6 am. Fuck not being able to sleep. Fuck being a cliche. Fuck trying to change. Fuck those 4 am moments. Fuck crying. Fuck being happy. Fuck being sad. Fuck the hipsters. Fuck making it look so easy. Fuck Vega bathrooms. Fuck advertising. Fuck losing your faith. Fuck always wanting to be somewhere else. Fuck being trapped. Fuck being idealistic.

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