Saturday, April 2, 2011

Being grown-up (pfft)

So I am now a 'Creative Brandcrafter' (ie designer) at Engage Brandcraft in Greenpoint. We're opposite Beluga, which is rather dangerous when peanut butter sandwiches start losing their appeal...
I work with 4 great guys; Chris, Ian, Dijon and Vaughn. Chris talks branding even when drunk, Dijon puts porn music on for all of us to enjoy, Ian says "Just saying" a lot and Vaughn gets fillings without anaesthetic. I ask questions all the time and have the only messy desk in the office.
Feels good to be earning and working with awesome people all day :)

 Me at my desk
 The office, with the non-cooling water cooler
 Yummy pantones
 Engage turned 4 and we got cake :)
The awesome pantone mug


2 comments: said...

congrats on the new job.

hope you're having fun x x

michness said...

Thanks Angie :) I'm coming to work for you one day tho ;) xx

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