Sunday, February 6, 2011

To whom it may concern

Some things that need to be said...

Dear Cell C
Please stop making my magazine talk. It's not innovative, it's annoying.

Dear Ogilvy
Below the line still needs concept. Use it, don't use it.

Dear awesome agencies
Please hire me and pay me lots. I'll make you cupcakes.

Dear Vampire Diaries
I underestimated your ability to keep me up all night.

Dear True Blood
You are better than Vampire Diaries.

Dear January
Please go away, I am broke.

Dear Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld
Thank you so much for perpetuating the myth that wearing fur is acceptable. I hope that you both die a horrible death, preferably involving someone skinning you alive.

Dear Black Swan
You are brilliant, but should probably be classified as a horror. Or 'fucking scary'. You made me spill my popcorn :(

Dear V
Keep up the good work

Dear Cheesecake
You're always there when I need you. Thenks.

Dear young people
Vote. People died to get it.

Dear rich old men
Fly me overseas? Morals can be put on hold.

Dear year
Be better than the last. Kthanksbye.



...A silly girl worth knowing. said...

ah that was lovely. so happy you bloging.
and i agree below the line agencies (that is if the line still exists) need concepts! my part time job at a small agency has lead me to make coffee and blog all day because everything i do takes me five minutes no concept required just some good old layout. So im using their internet to read your blog, maybe they should stop paying me, maybe not :)

and I am also looking for an older man to fly me around the world while i sip on mu moet. that would be nice.

michness said...

ooh where are you working?? yes lets find rich old men to take us to russia? im desperate. what you been up to sexy girl? xx

monkatomic said...

Dear michy
Please come to England so we can show them what awesome looks like :D

michness said...

aw ivan i love you :) and miss you! wish you were back in sa, or i was there. hope you are doing well my unofficial bf ;) xx

...A silly girl worth knowing. said...

ah so with our rich men we will go to russia and stop over in England. Good Plan, pack your bags lady.

ah im at a small finishing art agency till the end of the month then im off to work at a repro-house in a big printing place to get some experience, then I free lance and go to interviews to find the perfect job for moi. All is amazing, Teegs and I are moving into the bestest apartment on Valentines right opposite the company gardens, you should come over for a cup of tea and a cookie and a chat.

tell me things. Job? internship?
and also blog some more.

ps. im sorry im chatting to ya on blogger, sometimes not having facebook sucks. especially for catching up. blah

michness said...

Sounds good :)
Yes get fb dammit! It sucks when we want to invite you to things!
What are the names of the places? I really need to get a better
knowledge of these things!
What happened to Elle? You are born for a fashion mag! Oh wow I am
soooo jealous, def coming to visit. Is your number same as always? I
want to come play please.
Interning at Engage from next week I think...then maybe Draft and
Jupiter vibes. But will see, still not sure if I wna do small or big
agency? What do you think?
Doesn't sound like anyones doing amazingly on the job front hey. What
is Teegs up to?
Lots of love xx
Ps. Blog!

Anonymous said...

mich for president, i love you! x

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