Friday, October 2, 2009

8. Weezi

So it's Emma's turn. I'm not entirely sure how long we've been friends...10 years? More?
All I know is that no one knows who I am the way she does.
She was there through the awkward tween phase, the hippie phase and the skanking punkrock phase. Epic.

I love that we can laugh over how alternative we thought we were, how fat we were in Stilbaai and how we were going to start a band despite the fact that Lau and I couldn't play instruments... I love that she felt bad for having shells in her bathroom, and so we went to the beach to return them. And pinned monopoly money onto a tree for my retarded photography endeavours.

Thank you for Wynberg Sports Club, for Nofx and Sublime, for putting eyeliner on me when I didn't know how to, for letting me cry on you for 2 years, for understanding that I'm sometimes not so understandable, for milo, and the shittiest waitressing job ever. For letting me be your 3rd wheel, for arty movie nights, for hooting at men in shorts, for photography projects, for breakfast double dates, for Centre Stage, for Icebat, for housesitting. Just everything.
Grade 9 will always be the greatest year of my life.

Love you always Em. x

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